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CasaParigi provides extensive services based on the needs of buying, selling or managing a property, whether the goal is to gain income or to simply maintain the best possible condition for your home.


  1. We maintain and filter a selection of properties in the area based on your requirements.
  2. We organize visits to the apartments to allow you to optimize your time in Paris.
  3. We provide assistance in opening bank accounts and insurance contracts for the property (required in France).
  4. We provide a trusted notary.
  5. We represent you to the notary, without the need for you to travel constantly.
  6. We provide architects that can cope with any requirements of restructuring the property or simply accompany you in the choice of furniture to suit your taste and your home.
  7. We deal, in your place, with all the administration of opening electricity, gas and telephone contracts.


  1. We work with you to define the selling price based on the type of the property, the district in which it lies and the real estate market.
  2. We research the potential buyer or buyers.
  3. We provide a trusted notary.
  4. We represent you to the notary, without the need for you to travel.
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  1. Looking for and selecting a tenant.
  2. Drafting the lease.
  3. Organizing the rental property.
  4. Check in and check out of the apartment.
  5. At the end of the lease, we will verify the condition of the apartment to make sure that no damage has occurred and there are no shortfalls in the equipment or appliances.
  6. Changing tenants.
  7. Service and maintenance.
  8. Apartment cleaning.
  9. Relations with the condominium organization (presence at meetings).


  1. Service and maintenance.
  2. Apartment cleaning.
  3. Relations with the condominium organization (presence at meetings).


  • Commercial property purchase or sale

Commercial property refers to buildings or land that intend to generate a profit from capital gain or rental income (office buildings, hotels, retail stores). Usually the ownership of the commercial activity does not necessarily correspond with the ownership of the building itself.
Casa Parigi will help you not only in the research phase of the purchase, but also in the various stages of a sale: publication, necessary registrations, payment of relative taxes and the obligations of the seller or buyer due to complex administrative legislation.

  • Commercial property assign a lease

Any merchant or company is free to assign its right to the lease at any time, provided it complies with the terms of the previous contract.Whether you are looking for an office or commercial space, our team of experts will help you understand the possible types of investments, the main differences compared to Italy and accompany you in the search for goods or buyers.

For more information or to meet an expert in corporate and commercial real estate investment, please contact us by e-mail

vendita casa a parigi

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