The 5th arrondissement lies on the left bank of the Seine and is best known as the "Latin Quarter."  It is the district of art shops and bookstores, but also the home to several universities like the Sorbonne which dates back to 1257. The "Latin Quarter" is considered a true intellectual hub and was the scene of student protests in the 1960s.  Nearby, the Pantheon contains the remains of the "Great Men" as indicated by the inscription: "Aux Grands Hommes, the reconnaissante Patrie" ("To the Great Men, the grateful homeland"), as here rests Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Zola and Rousseau. Along Rue Soufflot, we find an entrance to the Jardin du Luxembourg gardens filled with sculptures, monuments and charming places where both tourists and Parisians sit and read a good book. The neighborhood is also part of the district of the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden and small zoo founded in 1795 by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre. Nearby Rue Mouffetard, one of the oldest streets of Paris (dating from Roman times), is the perfect setting for a stroll among the numerous cafes and restaurants.  Not far from here we also find the Arenes de Lutece, a Gallo-Roman amphitheater built in the first century AD used as a theater for gladiator fights. In the 5th arrondissement real estate prices are on average € 12,500 per square meter, but this figure increases around the Pantheon area, where typical Parisian charm is associated with the comfort of beautiful city views. Visit our sell page, to know our offer.

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